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The City of Ishpeming is located in Marquette County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It is south and west of the City of Marquette and directly west of Negaunee.  The City of Ishpeming is 1,400 feet above sea level.  Our current population is about 6,600.

Ishpeming’s history is rooted in the discovery of Iron Ore during the 1840’s. In 1846, an Indian named Madji-Gesick led explorer, Philo Everett, to a shining mountain. What Everett found was a mountain of ore measuring 180 feet high and 1,000 feet wide. This historic spot was named Jasper Knob–known today as the World’s Largest Gemstone.

Up until 1862, this area was referred to as The Lake Superior Location, but the settlers saw it fit to give the City an official name. Translating the Chippewa Indian name for “on the summit”, the settlers gave the name of ISHPEMING to the newly formed City. The name proved to be fitting for a City that is situated upon the dividing ridge between the waters of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan and 850 feet above Lake Superior.

RD Water System Improvement Project Updates

Click here for a map of the 2018 Proposed Work Areas for the Project 


ATTENTION:  Residents of Duncan and Mather Ave. If you are still connected to a temporary water system it is advised that with falling temperatures that you please pay attention to the overnight low temperature forecast. If overnight lows drop to below 32 we are requesting that you leave a faucet run overnight to prevent freezing of you line. The water should be let run about the thickness of a pencil lead. The water used off of this temporary system is not metered and you will not be charged for the use of this let run advisory.


UPDATE:  Click Here for an update on the Water Project Street Paving from A. Lindberg and Sons

  • UPDATE: On Wednesday, October 10th or Thursday, October 11th (if Wednesday is pouring rain), the water will be shut off at 8:00 am for residents that live on Wabash Street, East of 7th Street. Services should be restored by 5:00 pm.
  • UPDATE:  On Thursday, October 11th, residents that live on Hill Street and the higher elevated areas of Cleveland location will experience a loss in water pressure between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm while crews switch the new booster station over to permanent power.
  • UPDATE:  On Thursday, October 11th, the water will be shut off at 8:00 am for residents that live on Marquette Street, Diorite Street and Ready Street from Marquette Street to Malton Road. Services should be restored by 5:00 pm.


 Washington  Street Area

Washington Street will be closed to all through traffic from Greenwood St South to 581 starting Tuesday Sept. 4th. Detour route will be in effect until early October for all Tilden Mine and truck traffic. Local traffic and school buses will have access to their homes (including C, D, E and Adams Streets.). Excelsior Street is recommended to use Pine Street direction for access.

REVISED DETOUR FOR WASHINGTON ST: The County Road Commission is closing a section of Stoneville Rd where our detour was originally headed so we have no choice but to switch this to Pine St. The Mine is hopeful to send as many deliveries around through Palmer and their Empire gate. So hopefully only worker traffic will need this.

Click Here to view the Revised Washington Map

 Greenwood Area

UPDATE:  Work is scheduled to begin on Greenwood Street as part of the Ishpeming RD Water System Project from Lakeshore Drive to Washington Street during the middle of the week of July 23rd and will continue well into August. Work will begin with Area #4 and continue in a West direction. Traffic will be detoured for a portion of this project to through traffic. Local traffic is advised to seek alternate routes to access homes if possible. Flag control will also be in place in areas as needed. Access to the Robbins Flooring Mill and Ishpeming Concrete will be left open at all times. Please be careful if you need to access this area as construction activities will be ongoing and extensive. Any questions contact Aaron Carr 906 361-0923.

Click Here to view Greenwood Area Map

Click Here to view Greenwood Traffic Maintenance Plan


8th Addition Area

Click here to view the Traffic Maintenance Plan – 8th Addition Area




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