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10-9-17 Water Improvement Project Update - Valve Replacement



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10-9-17 Water Improvement Project Update – Valve Replacement

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This week marks the end of valve replacements in the area indicated on the map below. However, we have one last update to provide. The intersection of Spruce and Barnum Streets has been ADDED to the list. Through the process of replacing the valves at the other intersections shown on the map, we have determined that this additional intersection requires valve replacements. Here is the updated schedule:

TODAY (Monday, October 9): Spruce and Ridge

TOMORROW (Tuesday, October 10): Spruce and Barnum

Water disruptions will be kept between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm, if possible. Occasionally, delays occur, but water is restored as early as possible. Stay tuned here as any delays today could delay tomorrow’s scheduled replacements. After these last two intersections are repaired, we have no additional planned construction work in the mapped area.

Thanks again to everyone for your patience! This critical work will help minimize the impacted areas for future localized water main breaks or planned maintenance.

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