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City Hall Office Hours

Monday-Friday, 10am to 5pm

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Cemetery Announces Seasonal Office Hours

04-26-2017 Water Main Break - Mather Avenue


Event Calendar


Historial Society

Historial Society

Greater Ishpeming
Commission on Aging

All meetings begin at 9 a.m., at the Ishpeming Senior Center, 320 South Pine Street. Board members and the general public will be informed of any changes to date, time or place. Dates may be subject to change.


  • Victor DePaoli
  • Carol Gaboury
  • Kathy Mathias
  • Joseph Pelkola
  • Brad Waters

Phone: (906)485-1091  •  Fax: (906)485-6246  •  City Hall: 100 E. Division Street, Ishpeming, MI 49849
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