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City of Ishpeming Capital Improvement Project

The City of Ishpeming has been establishing goals for several years; however, these goals have not been combined with a long-term Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The material provided in the document below should resolve this problem and help to integrate capital improvement planning with goal setting.

In the document, you will find a summary of existing goals along with inputs from all departments for 2017. Following the information on goals, you will find the draft CIP.

This requirement for capital budgeting for a six fiscal year period is found in the Michigan Planning Enabling Act (Public Act 33 of 2008, as amended). Capital expense budgeting has two elements. the first is a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP), and the second is the incorporation of that plan into the annual budget and future budget forecasts. This CIP is a six year schedule of known proposed major capital improvement projects including project priorities, cost estimates, methods of financing, and annual estimated operating and maintenance costs for the proposed projects. Each year the CIP is revised for next fiscal year.

If adequate funding is available, the projects can eventually be completed successfully. Even with good planning, not all capital projects and purchases will get done as planned or at the estimated cost. The CIP is designed to be an update on an annual basis. Projects can be added or subtracted as the needs and the resources of the community change.

An effective and ongoing CIP is beneficial to elected officials, staff, and the general public. Capital improvement planning and budgeting allow officials and citizens to set priorities for capital expenditures and ensure maximum physical benefit for a minimum capital expenditure through an orderly process of project development, scheduling, and implementation.

A criteria to rank projects has been provided and each project was scored and ranked according to the scores. ultimately, City Council makes the final decision on the ranking and funding of all capital projects.

2017 Capital Improvement Plan
2017 Capital Improvement Plan
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