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Monday-Friday, 10am to 5pm

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Historial Society

The City of Ishpeming will be accepting applications for Summer Tax deferments (deferments are not exemptions).  Taxpayers may defer their summer property tax if they meet the following criteria.  Payment may be deferred until February 14 for principal residence property owned by a taxpayer who:

  1. Has a total gross household income of $40,000 or less for the preceding tax year, AND
  2. Is totally and permanently disabled, blind, paraplegic, hemiplegic, quadriplegic, OR
  3. Is an eligible serviceperson, eligible veteran, or eligible widow or widower, OR
  4. Is at least age 62

Deferment can only be filed and dated from July 1, 2017 to September 15, 2017.  Deferments must be filed annually.  Postmarks will not be accepted.

If the deferment form contains any misleading or false statements, as the property owner, you may be subject to penalties and late payments on the taxes deferred.

Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes

Phone: (906)485-1091  •  Fax: (906)485-6246  •  City Hall: 100 E. Division Street, Ishpeming, MI 49849
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