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City Hall Office Hours

Monday-Friday, 10am to 5pm

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04-05-2017 Water Main Break - Zoberlein Street

03-17-2017 Water Main Break - Angeline Street

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Historial Society

Historial Society

Lake Bancroft Park

Planning a wedding? The Lake Bancroft Gazebo is a popular choice for outdoor weddings.

The Rental Fees are as follows:







*Clean-up Bond
Refundable after rental



Please contact the Cemetery/Parks Office for reservation inquiries, (906) 486-6181 or e-mail

For times when the Cemetery/Parks Office is closed (November-May annually), please contact Public Works at (906) 486-9371, or e-mail


Bancroft Park Walkway

Download order form here. 

Send completed form and payment to:

Attn:  Bancroft Park Brick
Ishpeming City Hall
100 E. Division Street
Ishpeming, MI  49849

Phone: (906)485-1091  •  Fax: (906)485-6246  •  City Hall: 100 E. Division Street, Ishpeming, MI 49849
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