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From October 1, 2018 through October 31, 2018, the Ishpeming Police Department answered 494 Calls for Service (CFS) which compares to 406 CFS’s for the same period in 2017.  This brings the total for the year to 4737 CFS, compared to 4280 CFS’s for the sameperiod in 2017, which is about a 10% increase in calls from last year.

Ishpeming Police Department arrests for October 2018 were at 42 compared to 38 in October of 2017.  2018 year to date arrests are at 380 compared to 296 arrests for the same period in 2017, a 22% increase.

Det./Sgt. Radabaugh wrote and received a $1000 Community Grant through Wal-Mart.  The grant will be used to redo our interview room and apply a more child friendly atmosphere for those times when we need to interview children.

Chief Steven J. Snowaert

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