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City Hall Office Hours

Monday-Friday, 10am to 5pm

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Cemetery Announces Seasonal Office Hours

04-26-2017 Water Main Break - Mather Avenue


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Historial Society

Historial Society

Rental Inspector

Residential Rental Inspector

Phone: 906-485-1091, x208
FAX: 906-485-6246


Rental Registration Ordinance

Rental Registration Form
In accordance with City of Ishpeming Ordinance No. 7-400, all owners of residential rental dwelling units located within the City of Ishpeming are required to file a completed registration form.  Complete the applicable information and return to the City of Ishpeming, Residential Rental Inspector, City Hall.  Please type or print, clearly, in ink.  Questions may be addressed to the Ishpeming Residential Rental Inspector at (906) 485-1091, x208.

If the owner owns more than one (1) building containing one or more residential rental dwelling units, a separate registration form shall be filed for each separate building.

Ordinance No. 7-400  An Ordinance Regulating the Registration of Residential Rental Dwelling Units

General Information Regarding Ordinance No. 7-400

Ordinance No. 7-500 An Ordinance to Require the Inspection of Residential Rental Dwelling Units

2016 Notice of Registration

Phone: (906)485-1091  •  Fax: (906)485-6246  •  City Hall: 100 E. Division Street, Ishpeming, MI 49849
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