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Newsletter for October 2018

 Police Department Report:

From September 1, through September 28, 2018, the Ishpeming Police Department answered 430 Calls for Service (CFS) which compares to 343 CFS’s for the same period in 2017.  This brings the total for the year to 4195 CFS, compared to 3509 CFS’s for the same period in 2017, which is a 16.4% increase in calls from last year.  Ishpeming Police Department arrests are down from 34 in September 2017 to 28 in September of this year.  However, the total arrest to date are up from 257 in 2017 to 337 in 2018, a 23.8% increase.   For questions about community policing, please contact Police Chief Steven J. Snowaert at 486-4416.

Parking Ban:

Winter Parking Ban (Ordinance #5-1200) goes into effect November 1 until April 30:

  • Residential Streets: 1:00 AM – 6:00 AM
  • Downtown Streets: 2:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Parking permits can be purchased at City Hall.  Permits cost $25.00 for a monthly pass.

USDA Water System Improvement Project:

This Project began planning in 2013 to attack the problems of a failing water system.  In addition to the Water System, other systems, such as the Sanitary Sewer System, Streets, Sidewalks, and Storm Water Systems also need work.  The City is planning a second USDA project for the future.  Recently, City Council approved some changes in the USDA project.   The following areas are removed from the project:  Adams, D, and E streets and some streets in the Salisbury Location.  The reasons for the change are NOT because of a lack of awareness of needs in these areas, or worth.  People living in all parts of the City deserve good quality infrastructure.  The reasons for the decision to change is to cost-effectively use the limited resources available.  A future project will include areas removed from the current project and also other areas.  For more information, please contact City Manager Slown (485-1091, ext. 204).

Paving Dispute Causes Project Delay:

A dispute between Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association (MITA) and Operating Engineers Local 324 caused delays for the City’s USDA Water project.  Due to the delay, certain parts of the USDA project will slip into 2019.  More information will be published as it becomes available.

Department of Public Works (DPW):

DPW provides many services, including snow plowing, street sweeping, street maintenance, operation of the Cemetery, operations and maintenance of City parks, water and sewer services, and more.  Due to limited manpower, some DPW services may be delayed.  The Cemetery Office is closed.  Please remove all non-permanent objects (planters, decorations, etc.) from grave sites.  To contact the DPW call Office Manager April Holm at 486-9371, or email:

Carnegie Public Library:

The restoration of the entryway is completed.  People have donated over $700,000 to make improvements to the library.  Thank you to our donors!  Visit the Library online at  or visit the Library!

Fire Department:

The new “Quint” fire truck is on schedule to be delivered before the end of the year.  This truck will improve the safety and effectiveness.  If you are interested in becoming a Fire Fighter, please contact Fire Chief Ed Anderson.  He can be reached at 486-4426.

Improving Neighborhoods:  The Ishpeming Beautification Committee, Inspiration Zone, Neighborhood Improvement Committee, Service Clubs, Downtown Development Authority, Ishpeming Business Association, and others continue to make our City better.  Also, many people have made improvements to their homes or business property.  Thank you!  If you are interested in aiding the effort to make our City a better place to live, there are many different ways to help:  service on a committee or commission, volunteer to help with beautification or other volunteer work, or simply pick up a piece of trash from the street and dispose of it in a waste container.  If you are not sure how to help, please contact Cathy Smith or Mark Slown at City Hall (485-1091, ext. 203 for Cathy or 204 for Mark).

Preparation for Winter:  Please have a store of basics ready for winter conditions.  Being ready for winter could make a big difference in an extreme weather event.  We always recommend you have some bottled drinking water on hand, in case the pipes freeze.  A good resource to use when making preparations for winter is located at:

Elections:  A General Election (Federal, State and local offices) will be held on November 6, 2018.  You must be registered to be eligible to vote.  Deadline to register is October 9th at 4:00 p.m.  Every vote counts and every legal vote is counted!  Please contact Tammie Leece, City Clerk (485-1091, ext. 201) to register and/or to obtain an absentee ballot.

Community Assessment:  The Marquette County Community Foundation (MCCF) obtained funds to conduct a community assessment for the City of Ishpeming.  This assessment began on September 19, 2018.  If you wish to provide input, please contact Gail Anthony, Executive Director of MCCF, or her Assistant Emma Taras at: 906.226.7666  A report will be coming out with the results of the assessment.

Thanks again to everyone making our City a better place to live: “A bright city on a shining hill.”


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