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Grant M. Getschow, Finance Director
Finance Department
Phone:  (906) 485-1091, ext.  #210

  • The City Manager shall appoint a Finance Director for an indefinite term.  The Finance Director may be discharged by the City Manager
  • The Finance Director shall be the general accountant of the City and shall be responsible to the City Manager. The Finance Director shall keep books and account of the assets, receipts, and expenditures of the City, and shall keep the Council and the City Manager informed as to the financial affairs of the City.  The system of accounts of the City shall conform to such uniform systems as required by law.
  • The Finance Director shall examine and audit all accounts and claims against the City and, respecting those which are eligible for payment, designate the budgetary funds from which they are to paid.
  • The Finance Director shall balance all the books and account of the City at the end of each calendar month and make a report to the Manager and Council.
  • The Finance Director shall upon direction of the City Manager, examine and audit all books and account kept by any officer, department, or board of the City, and shall examine the books of account of the Treasurer at least once each month.
  • The Finance Director shall be responsible for all City billings and statements for City services, or for setting up and administering a system of billings for those City departments which directly bill for services. In no event, shall the Finance Director, nor any person authorized to issue bills or statements for City services, be authorized to receive payment of such bills or statements.






Temporary Extension Application and Hardship/Inability to Pay Application

Individuals unable to pay their City of Ishpeming utility bill in full by the designated due date can apply for the Temporary Extension Application (link below) to delay payment up to 2 weeks from the billing due date.

City of Ishpeming Temporary Extension Application

Individuals unable to pay their City of Ishpeming utility bill in full by the designated due date, and are unable to utilize the Extension Application can apply for a hardship using the Hardship/Inability to Pay Application (link below) to delay payment up to 2 months from the disconnect date on the current utility bill.

City of Ishpeming Hardship-Inability to Pay Application



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